Aaron Sterritt


It takes creative imagination to visualise a wind blown fallen tree transformed into a stunning individual piece of art, sculpture or furniture. That is what Aaron Sterritt does on a daily basis.

Come and spend a relaxing time in the woods learning new skills and meeting new folk the green wood way. Green woodworking is a traditional practice using fresh wood still full of sap allowing the tools to split,slice,shave and cleave through the wood with ease. We will use techniques that have been developed over hundreds of years, that are in harmony with the nature and qualities of the wood itself. No prior wood working experience is necessary, these courses are for all abilities.

Aaron’s skill is then to take the split wood and form it into a pieceof furniture or sculpture that are one off creations. This is done by the axe; shave horse, drawknife and spoke shave tools.

The end result is a combination of creativity, a deep understanding of wood and the craftsmanship skills to create truly beautiful functional and decorative items.

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