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Indoor Furniture
Logie Timber

Elm Headboard by Alasdair Fowler

~Alasdair Fowler : “Polyester resin never sets, don’t use it!”  ~ Glasscast resin used on Elm board.  Recommended 50mm Elm board, possibly 30mm with framing

Aaron Steritt Woodwork
Logie Timber

Aaron Sterritt

~ THE MAKING PROCESS BEGINS WITH A FALLEN TREE ~ It takes creative imagination to visualise a wind blown fallen tree transformed into a stunning

Burgees Bagpipes
Logie Timber

Burgess Bagpipes

FIONA HAY FIONA HAY (nee McDougall) Fiona’s family settled in the Highlands of Scotland where she grew up near her extended family. As a child,

AJ Joinery
The Makers
Logie Timber

A J Joinery

Summer House SUMMER HOUSE and Decking My name is Andrew Muir I have a real passion for craftsmanship and quality in joinery. This is what

Green Leaf Design and Build
Logie Timber

Green Leaf Design & Build

ECOLOGICAL. ETHICAL. AFFORDABLE. Green Leaf Design & Build was established in 2008 by Jason Caddy, focused on highly skilled and ecologically friendly building and joinery

The Bearded Woodworker
Logie Timber

The Bearded Woodworker

BESPOKE. RECLAIMED. CRAFTED. The Bearded Woodworker crafts bespoke and custom furniture and funky items from his workshop in the Scottish Highlands. Nearly everything he makes

Makar Homes
Logie Timber


ALBON HOUSE Albon House A steep riverside site. with the original planning permission gained by a local firm. The design and engineering needed some changes to

Alec Laing
Logie Timber

Great Grandma’s Elm Coffin

This is a full-circle Logie Timber story, perhaps a slightly strange one, but it’s pretty special.  Alec’s grandma, Graeme Laing, sadly died at the age of 91 in

Alec's elm dining table
Logie Timber

Elm Dining Table

This is a full-circle Logie Timber story, just the kind we love, and one we are fortunate enough to appreciate ourselves.   In 2016 a huge Elm needed to be felled outside

Type of Wood
Logie Timber

The Sawmill Shed

Our home, The Sawmill Shed, was crafted using local skill and material and this extends from the foundations to the roof and all the way

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