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Indoor Furniture
Logie Timber

Elm Headboard by Alasdair Fowler

~Alasdair Fowler : “Polyester resin never sets, don’t use it!”  ~ Glasscast resin used on Elm board.  Recommended 50mm Elm board, possibly 30mm with framing

Aaron Steritt Woodwork
Logie Timber

Aaron Sterritt

~ THE MAKING PROCESS BEGINS WITH A FALLEN TREE ~ It takes creative imagination to visualise a wind blown fallen tree transformed into a stunning

Alec's elm dining table
Logie Timber

Elm Dining Table

This is a full-circle Logie Timber story, just the kind we love, and one we are fortunate enough to appreciate ourselves.   In 2016 a huge Elm needed to be felled outside

Dave Philp
Logie Timber

Oak & Elm Dodecagon Table by Dave Philp

Local craftsman Dave Philp can turn his hand to anything, this table is a fine example of where an Oak board from Logie Timber can end up

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