Decking Ideas

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We offer two different profiles of decking- smooth or grooved top face. Both options come with anti-cupping groves on the base.

Our standard length of cladding is 4.8m long but we also offer 3.6m and 6.1m if stocks allow.

We recommend a 5mm gap between the decking boards and 400mm spacing between the joists. It is also important to build in a slight angle on the deck so the water can run off and not sit and pool on the boards.

Coated or stainless decking fixings are a must to avoid any issues in the future.

Treatment of the boards isn’t absolute necessary as the larch is a naturally durable timber, but some form of treatment is recommended to extend the life of the deck and improve traction on wet boards.

Treatex produce a specific anti-slip decking oil which provides a clear anti-slip finish, it can be applied over a coloured coat and does not have a gritty feel under foot.

Anti-Slip Decking Oil

Treatex Anti Slip Decking Oil is manufactured on a base of natural sustainable raw materials including Sunflower oil, Soybean oil and are free of toxic substances. Treatex Exterior Oils are the ideal new or renovation finish for treated or untreated decking, steps and wooden walkways.

Treatex Anti Slip Decking Oil has been designed to reduce the risk of slipping on exterior wooden surfaces which are susceptable to becoming slippery due to the accumilation of moisture, moss, algae and lychens.

>> 2.5L will cover approximately 17.5m²-25m² in one coat depending on the wood type (rough, sawn, planed). In corrugated timber, consumption may double, due to the increase in surface area.