The Sawmill

Speed. Precision. Efficiency.

Our sawmill is more than just a place for cutting wood – it is an expression of who we are at Logie Timber, what we have achieved, and the possibilities that lie ahead for our business and our clients.

With our brand new sawmill, which began construction in December 2022, we are now able to deliver a higher level of quality, precision and efficiency for our clients, ensuring that every cut of wood is to their exact specification. 

Housing some of the industry’s leading technology, our sawmill offers improved functionality that promises to see client orders fulfilled in a more timely and efficient manner. It will also allow us to cut our timber stocks easier and quicker for customers in need of last minute decking, cladding or fencing materials.

Cutting Back on Carbon

Following our full circle business model, our sawmill was constructed using only 100% Scottish timber, demonstrating our innovation and commitment to supporting environmentally sustainable practices. 

By choosing to use timber framing as an alternative to steel, we are able to significantly reduce our carbon footprint – in just one cubic metre of timber, approximately one tonne of carbon is locked away. And with a total of 110 cubic metres of timber used in the design of our sawmill, that is an incredible amount of carbon saved for many years to come. 

In addition, we have installed a new chip line that allows all waste from the sawline to pass through our large chipper and be placed in two silos. The larger of these silos wil be used to store sawdust left over from cutting, with the smaller providing storage for large wood chips. 

These wood chips are sold for use elsewhere, while sawdust is given to local farmers as bedding for animals and to bulk up their fertilisers.

“Our aim is to create a legacy far greater than cladding and coffee tables. Wood can tell a story, be a conversation starter, become part of a family home; a living piece of history.”

– Logie Timber

"Superb choice of timber products and very helpful and knowledgeable staff."
Peter Matthews
Customer - May 2022