oak and elm dodecadgon table by Dave Philp

Oak & Elm Dodecagon Table by Dave Philp

Local craftsman Dave Philp created this table – a fine example of where an Oak board from Logie Timber can end up and what it can do. 

Dave is one of those people who can do anything. He worked alongside Henry Fosbrooke to build the impressive sawmill shed frame and also built the walls and cladding with Dave Robson, not to mention the kiln, the dust extraction, the compressed air system, the concrete, etc etc. He rebuilt the original doors and fitted out much of The Boardroom at Logie Steading too. He is woven into the whole project.  

A customer came into the sawmill to look out some boards for a bespoke table and got talking to Dave. Minutes later they had a design and Dave was commissioned to build the table. A dodecagon (a 12 sided polygon) with an Elm centre and Oak “pizza slices” surrounding it. 

The Oak came from just the other side of Elgin from someone who had milled the tree a few years ago (we also buy milled timber), the Elm is from Logie Estate and has been drying in the shed for 12 months since being milled from the log. What we did in this case (and is normal practice after the drying time) was put the boards back on the mill and skimmed them flat to remove any cup or twist before finishing them on the wide belt sander ready to be taken away and worked on. 

The customer was particularly keen to source the wood from nearby and was delighted to meet a local maker while sourcing the wood from Logie Timber!