The Sawmill Shed

Our home, The Sawmill Shed, was crafted using local skill and material and this extends from the foundations to the roof and all the way out to the cladding on the walls. 

Mill Shed HF
The Daves 1
Dave's Shed Cladding

Dave Philp and Dave Robson spent a fair part of 2019 turning our beautiful frame into an enclosed space using Douglas Fir for the frame and Larch for the cladding. 

The cladding was all cut on the Trakmet TPS1200 mill from timber bought from local woodlands. 

We have used a typical method of cladding placing vertical 150mm boards on the frame and using a narrower cover strip to cover the gap and create the weather proofing. All the boards are fixed using Stainless Steel nails to prevent staining. 

For the air drying section of the shed we have left off the cover strip to allow airflow through the building. 

Mill Shed

The vertical Larch cladding gives an extremely clean look along the 40 metre length of the shed. Over time this untreated larch will fade from the fresh cut brown to a more gentle silver as the UV does what it does to the timber.