Oak is a highly durable, strong wood. There is essentially no difference in the appearance of the wood between pedunculate and sessile but sessile does tend to be straighter grained. The sapwood size can vary greatly and is lighter in colour than other the heartwood which is yellowish-brown. The character and condition of the wood is governed greatly by its growing conditions and surroundings and the density of the timber can change dramatically from log to log and even at different parts of the same tree. 

Oak dries very slowly with a marked tendency to split and check and must be handled with time and care. Oak is medium-difficult to work with and can be hard on cutting edges. It stains, polishes and steam bends well. 

The Oak is one of our most important hardwoods for timber production. It is well known for producing some of the hardest and most durable timber on earth.  

Oak can be used both outdoors (traditionally in the construction of warships, bridges and still now the framing of houses) and indoors (it is prized among furniture makers for its character). 

Whisky barrels are made from oak and the timber gives the spirit a unique flavour. Sawn boards are characterful with quarter-sawn material showing off pronounced medullary rays.

There are around 450 species of Oak worldwide and the two most common in the UK are the Pedunculate Oak and the Sessile Oak. 

The Oak tree itself is one of the most common and easily recognisable on the British isles, with its grand sprawling canopy and sturdy trunk, it can grow for hundreds of years and commands a presence in a woodland like no other tree. 

Oak forests provide a rich habitat and support more life than any other native tree.

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Common Uses

Durability :  Durable, Slightly durable (homegrown)

 Treatability : Extremely difficult – Easy (sapwood)

Moisture Movement : Medium

Density (mean, Kg/m3) : 720 (Density can vary by 20% or more)

Price : Expensive

Uses : Joinery -Exterior, Joinery – Interior, Cladding, Heavy Structural use, Furniture, Flooring, Sleepers, Decking

Colours : Yellow brown