Yellow Broom – Lighting & Product Design

Local lighting and product design company Yellowbroom hand-make beautiful products in wood. Dave and Clare are a multi-talented collaboration based locally near Grantown. We got to know Dave when he came to clad the shed housing the mill so, in a way, Yellowbroom has been involved with Logie Timber from pretty much the beginning 

The products Yellow Broom create are all beautifully simple in design, with impeccable craftsmanship, each piece created by hand. This particular light is made in Ash using a combination of traditional steam bending hand techniques with modern construction methods. It makes a clean, dramatic display and can be shown in two forms, each creating a unique pattern of light and shadows. 

Clare says that Yellow Broom had previously struggled to find a good local source of Ash cut and dried to their specifications, so Logie Timber are currently working on their first order for Yellowbroom. It will no doubt take a bit of trial and error to match the exacting requirements for these lights, but we at Logie Timber relish the challenge of working to a specific niche and becoming a part of the process in creating something so beautiful. We look forward to seeing finished lights in Logie Timber Ash soon!  You can view YB8, the light shown here, and a small selection of Yellow Broom products in Logie Timber’s showroom, The Boardroom at Logie Steading.

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Address : Old Smithy Croft, Braes of Castle Grant, Craigbegg, Grantown on Spey, Scotland PH26 3PT