Meet The Team

Sustainable – Local  – Healthy 

Mark Councill


As an experienced forester, I am passionate about ensuring that there is an established market for high quality hardwood production in the region. With Clean Cut Forestry, my tree surgery and forestry business, I source quality timber from forestry jobs that would otherwise be a waste product or cut up into firewood. Logie Timber works symbiotically with my pre-existing forestry business to complete our Full Circle approach.

I hold a wide range of chainsaw and tree surgery qualifications and am a member of the International Society of Arboriculture. I play rugby, am a keen climber in any spare moment, and was an outdoor instructor & rope access technician in a past life. I hold a Mountain Leader Award, Single Pitch Award and live in Grantown with my wife Gill and dog Reiff.

Alec Laing


Logie has been my home my whole life, my family have been here for 6 generations and have been growing trees and sawmilling on a small scale for building and fencing throughout the years.

This project started out because of Mark and my desire to make more of what is available to us in the area and develop more productive yet diverse woodlands in the process.

I’m a mechanical engineer by training so machinery setup and maintenance at the mill feels like more of a joy than a chore! It’s fantastic to have such an engaged, passionate team working at the mill, it makes our jobs far easier!

Paul Gunnin

Head of yard and logistics

For me, organisation is key to a well-run business, and even better, a well-run sawmill and timber yard. 

Having always worked around wood – in particular furniture – I’ve always been interested in the process of selecting and working with a specific piece of timber and turning it into a masterpiece. It really is a skill.

Working at Logie Timber, it really is fascinating to see how things happen behind-the-scenes and I’m keen to learn more about this industry and the timber journey.

Oliver Wilson

Head of hardwood department

Having grown up in the countryside where I was surrounded by woodland, I just took an interest in learning more about timber and how it can be utilised.

I’ve done a lot of joinery work in the past, learning the significance and importance of using good-quality timber, but it wasn’t until I visited the Logie Timber yard for myself that I began to truly appreciate the versatility and benefits of wood.

The more I got to know about the work at Logie, the more I knew it was the place for me

Rob Edmonds

Sales Manager

For me, it’s seeing the raw product of the timber being machined and worked into something cool. Seeing the finished creation and knowing where it started is just incredible to me and the reason why I love what I do.

What makes Logie stand out from the crowd is the authenticity of the product – the timber – in the sense that it hasn’t been driven around the world to get here, it’s just right on our doorstep and all very natural.

Better yet, the fact we’re drawing the heartwood out from the log and taking very little sapwood, allows us to offer a higher-class, better quality sample for those who use it.

Balazs Albert

Main Mill Operator

Timber really is just a satisfying material to work with. I’ve known of Logie Timber since the very beginning, having done a bit of wood-working as a side project for some time before deciding to get involved full-time. 

I definitely enjoy embracing new things – I love hill walking and mountain biking, as well as anything water-related – and despite now working with wood day-in, day-out, I am still passionate about my wood carving.

In my opinion, wood is the way forward – it’s reliable, strong and very easy to use – and I’d love to see it utilised more in buildings and homes.

Angus Steven

Production Manager

Like many of my colleagues, I’ve always enjoyed working with wood – after doing some chainsaw work with a friend, I found myself completing a year’s training at the Scottish School of Forestry in Inverness.

I’d actually come to Logie as part of a project I had been working on and somehow ended up agreeing to return one day a week to work at the mill during my studies – the rest, as they say, is history. 

Switching to full time work after completing my course, I’ve enjoyed working for a team that is so passionate about what they do and who are simply a pleasure to work with.

Andy Dare

Machinery operator

With a little help from my uncle, I started working at Logie Timber for a couple of days a week, but that soon became full time as I loved every minute.

For me, I love sanding the wood – the smell is incredible – and using the Stenner to make the boards. 

There is so much potential for timber to be used more widely and I can’t wait to see how Logie Timber will support those changes in years to come. With the new sawmill in place, anything is possible.

Stephanie Fulton

Office Manager

Not only is the yard itself quite impressive – with all the machines and work going on – but the people here are truly passionate about what they do.

I love being part of this environment and seeing the work that we do here. With timber becoming more and more popular for cladding buildings, it’s exciting to think of how the industry could grow in the future. 

With the UK set to become carbon neutral by 2050, I’m incredibly excited to see how Logie Timber rises to the occasion. 


Mill & Office Manager

I’ve had a strong interest in wood from a young age (mainly sawn timber).

I spend my day ensuring all timber at the mill is locally sourced and of the highest quality, often burying any that doesn’t meet our stringent quality controls. Outside of work I enjoy long walks, hill runs, and back rubs.

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” – Charles Shultz (cartoonist, Peanuts)