Woodland Management

Local. Sustainable. 100% Scottish Timber.

Logie Timber plans to plant more hardwoods
with end use in mind and is doing so on the Logie Estate​

We source our timber from as close by as possible and some of it comes from right here on Logie Estate.

The Estate is operating within a management plan approved by Scottish Forestry, which specifies when certain areas of coniferous woodland (traditionally referred to as commercial woodland) are thinned , felled and replanted so we can look ahead and plan what is available here on our doorstep.

We can’t get everything from right here, so we also rely on other estates, and growers for timber.

There are two global certification schemes operating in the UK, FSC and PEFC which provide a way for growers to demonstrate the legality and sustainability of their woodlands. Where possible we ensure that the timber we buy has been certified by one of these schemes, it is not always possible especially on the hardwood side, where much of the timber comes from gardens, roadsides and field boundaries rather than commercial forests.

The management plans, certification schemes and value of traditionally “commercial” forestry ensure that these woodlands are well managed.
However, there is a vast amount of smaller woodland that does not fall under this control, especially the traditionally less commercial woods that contain a higher proportion of native hardwoods. One of our business aims is to improve the management of the non-conifer woodlands by increasing the value of the timber in them.

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