Logie Timber's Plant Pot

We have a deep responsibility to the environment and out future selves to leave a lasting and positive impact.

We are all very aware that planting trees is the medicine our World so desperately needs, but just getting trees in the ground is no longer enough. We need to be using and managing this incredible resource, by locking its trapped carbon away for many years after it has been cut down and using it as cladding, flooring, or table and kitchen work tops to keep it from being burnt and the carbon escaping back into the atmosphere.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.” — Chinese Proverb

1% of our turnover

We have committed to donate 1% of our turnover – not profit – turn over to the plant pot every month and with a list of fund-raising events planned we are absolutely committed to making a real and lasting impact of the undervalued and under appreciated forestry sector. Who doesn’t love an underdog!    

We created The Plant Pot to use as a fund for the planting of commercial hardwood plantations and the ongoing management of them.

The Pot

Our Mission

Scottish hardwood is some of the most characterful in the World and yet we are doing very little in comparison to softwood to plant and manage it. We want Scottish timber to be a powerhouse on the World stage again and it must start with us as a sawmill paying good money for it and promoting it’s uses.

It is a longer and more skilful process to grow and manage hardwood to a quality that makes them desirable for the building or furniture trade, but the UK currently imports over 95% of all its hardwood making it an incredible market for growth and an area with massive potential, it just needs to headlight turned back onto it again.

Plant trees for a use and an end goal to double or more it’s ability to help our World heal. An oak tree has an estimates growth rotation of around 100 years but if that tree is then taken and turned into furniture or a boat, flooring, a house frame it’s stored carbon can be locked away for many many more years to come making every tree planted for a reason much more valuable then trees planted with no end goal.

The benefits also go beyond the environment as managing hardwood is a skill and one that requires paid labour, the felling of hardwood also creates and supports skilled jobs and that’s before it’s even got to the mill and the endless possibilities of the timbers uses and the jobs and livelihoods it can and does support.


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