“We created Logie Timber with a passion to honour these ancient giants and give them a life beyond their living existence.”

We care

Sustainable – Local  – Healthy 

Our founder, Mark, has been involved in forestry and tree surgery for many years and always resented seeing beautiful hardwood trees being cut down and chopped up for nothing more than firewood, these trees had to be destined for a purpose greater than this…

We have a fully qualified and insured team of experienced tree surgeons than can carefully and kindly carry out any tree work. If the tree must come down and the stem can be used, we will offer you a fair price for the timber and take it back to our sawmill to carry on its journey.
Any timber taken into the sawmill is tagged and its origin logged. If your timber comes to us, you can feel reassured that we will be able to easily track and identify it from the beginning to the end of the process.

Do you have timber that needs work?

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